An interactive and fun site allows you to find out about what happens

when you give blood and why it’ s important.

Click on  How the Body Works movies. This takes you to a selection of short movie clips.

 Click on  Respiratory System for a fun way of learning about how we breathe,

with dialogue and diagrams.

Lots of good areas for information about the body and personal hygiene.

Body Bits Rattle those bones - Your skeleton Name the parts of a skeleton

On this site you’ll find a useful labelled diagram of the human skeleton.

What are your bones made of? (And other questions answered!)

Take a closer look at the joints of the body. How many different types are there?

Open wide all about teeth

Find answers to your tricky questions about teeth

Bright, cheerful and interactive teeth website - Children will love it!

A fun colgate cartoon about looking after your teeth

Labelling The teeth found in your mouth

An interactive website-clicking on the body part will tell you more!

A labelled diagram of a tooth

Watch a short BBC video about skeletons Build an animal skeleton and guess which creature it will make! JUNIOR ARCHAEOLOGIST -Try and Build a dinosaur skeleton

An interactive website looking at Digestion

Healthy eating interactivites- build a healthy lunchbox